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Jesse’s New Home Woes – Akron, OH

When Jesse and Chelsea were preparing to purchase their new home near Akron, they scheduled a standard home inspection, which didn’t reveal any issues. Unfortunately, when they moved in it became clear that there had been leaks in the basement, which the previous owners had tried unsuccessfully to remedy with DRYLOK and then covered up […]

Jason’s Childhood Home – Millersburg, OH

Jason purchased the home that he grew up in from his parents, knowing that they had been having water issues for years, but also knowing that he wanted to stop the problem. His hope was to finish the basement and add living space to the home, so he needed to get it remedied. In addition […]

A Good Deed Done Right – Millersburg, OH

Andy did the good turn of purchasing a house for his daughter, but soon found that there were some issues. At the back of the house, there was a large hill that was exerting pressure on the foundation and pushing it in about six inches, rendering the structure unstable. In addition to a fix for […]

Picture Perfect Waterproofing – Canton, OH

Sometimes the solution to your problems is right under your nose. Jeremy, a photographer who captures images for our website and some of our other marketing materials, has slowly been getting an education about all that Eco-Seal has to offer: waterproofing, foundation repair, french drains, basement exits and windows, and more. As he was doing […]

Jenny’s Appraisal Problem – Cardington, OH

Jenny wanted to purchase a 22-year-old house from her parents in Cardington, OH. When she was having it appraised to arrive at a fair purchase price, the appraiser noticed that both the front and back walls of the house were bowed inward. This major structural problem led to Jenny being denied a mortgage loan from […]