Slinger Truck Services

Slinger Truck Services

Slinger to Telebelt
Footer Job
Brian slinging

Why use our slinger service?

Slinger truck services offer efficiency, accurate distribution, and speed to your project. Whether you are backfilling around a foundation, adding a gravel base, or spreading topsoil, our slinger service delivers!  

Serving Northeast Ohio, our professional drivers and operators have the knowledge and skill to provide unmatched service for projects such as:

  • Trench Fills
  • Erosion Control
  • Landscape Beds
  • Drainage Projects
  • Foundation and Fills
  • Sports Field Top-dress
  • Playground Resurfacing

This video shows our slinger operator distributing gravel over the footer drain.  The ability to reach 80 feet with precision speeds up production as well as reduces labor and gravel expenses.