Exterior Prevention


Diagram of Downspout SystemA lot of foundation problems are caused by the lack of downspout drainage. You may have gutters, you may have a downspout, but unless you have an underground downspout drainage system, water is just pooling in the soils around your house and will find its way into the basement. You need it away from your home, its vulnerable entry points, and the foundation. An underground drainage system carries the water to storm drains or dry wells a safe distance away from your foundation.

Why is this important? Moving water lessens the soil saturation around your home, helping avoid clay soil and frost expansion that will, over time, force cracks and bowing into your foundation walls.

At Eco-Seal, solid PVC pipes are used to run our underground drainage systems. This ensures proper slope to the drain and no low sagging areas where the pipe might collect dirt or get crushed easily. We believe in doing things right the first time, and using products that will perform over the entire life cycle of the home.

How do you know if your existing drains aren’t functioning properly? Do you see water bubbling out of the connection from the downspout to the underground drain? Are your gutters overflowing due to clogs somewhere in the system? Are the soils around your foundation sopping wet after a rain? If so, give Eco-Seal a call and we’ll be happy to help.