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Waterproofing Preserved Memories – Dover, OH

Sue and her husband used to travel to flea markets, exhibiting antiques and collectibles that they acquired over the course of their marriage. When he passed away 12 years ago, Sue quit exhibiting and stored the remaining goods in her basement. Recently, with heavy rains, Sue realized that her foundation had been compromised when she […]

Clarence’s Problem – Millersburg, OH

Clarence came to us with a problem. His driveway was built on a slight incline. Every time it rained, and each time snow would begin to melt, or whenever ice thawed, the driveway would turn into a pond. Eco-Seal came to the rescue by installing a french drain and burying Clarence’s downspout lines, ensuring that […]

Heavy Rain Woes – Gambier, OH

Because of several steep inclines in his yard, Paul Gideon of Gambier, Ohio was having major issues every time there was a heavy rainfall. Water was running down the slopes, pooling in his yard, and then beginning to seep into his foundation walls and basement. He found Eco-Seal online and – since we were the […]

A Landlord’s Worst Nightmare – Walnut Creek, OH

William owned this rental property in Walnut Creek and gave it, as a gift, to his nephew, who returned it soon after. Why? It was a landlord’s worst nightmare. With all the heavy rains last summer, the basement apartment flooded three times, and a very unhappy tenant moved out. William quickly called in Eco-Seal to […]

A Buried Barn – Massillon, OH

Gary was referred to Eco-Seal by our friends at Holmes Siding, after they did some work on his Massillon home. The problem? His home was on a hill and water was running down into the back yard, creating a very damp and soggy environment. Our Eco-Seal team showed up promptly and went straight to work, […]