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Jesse’s New Home Woes – Akron, OH

When Jesse and Chelsea were preparing to purchase their new home near Akron, they scheduled a standard home inspection, which didn’t reveal any issues. Unfortunately, when they moved in it became clear that there had been leaks in the basement, which the previous owners had tried unsuccessfully to remedy with DRYLOK and then covered up […]

Waterproofing Preserved Memories – Dover, OH

Sue and her husband used to travel to flea markets, exhibiting antiques and collectibles that they acquired over the course of their marriage. When he passed away 12 years ago, Sue quit exhibiting and stored the remaining goods in her basement. Recently, with heavy rains, Sue realized that her foundation had been compromised when she […]

Cassel Bear’s New Digs – Canton, OH

Cassel Bear, the creative agency that developed our website and handles much of our marketing, purchased a new office building located in Canton in March and began rehabbing it for an autumn move-in date. The owner quickly realized that there was water in the three-foot crawlspace that ran under the building. What he was less […]

Waterproofing Redo – North Canton, OH

Tom had a waterproofing company come out to waterproof his daughter’s house in North Canton but they did an awful job. There was a negative grade into a corner which allowed water to run right down into a spot where the waterproofing was exposed. The downspouts were casually propped up on a couple of rocks […]

Clarence’s Problem – Millersburg, OH

Clarence came to us with a problem. His driveway was built on a slight incline. Every time it rained, and each time snow would begin to melt, or whenever ice thawed, the driveway would turn into a pond. Eco-Seal came to the rescue by installing a french drain and burying Clarence’s downspout lines, ensuring that […]