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Jenny’s Appraisal Problem – Cardington, OH

Jenny wanted to purchase a 22-year-old house from her parents in Cardington, OH. When she was having it appraised to arrive at a fair purchase price, the appraiser noticed that both the front and back walls of the house were bowed inward. This major structural problem led to Jenny being denied a mortgage loan from […]

A Space for Roger’s Father – Rittman, OH

Pardon the phrase, but when it rains, it pours. Roger’s troubles began when he hired a disreputable contractor to do an interior waterproofing job in his basement. The fellow he hired made a mess, and then disappeared and stopped returning phone calls. Shortly after, Roger’s father suddenly needed a place to live. Roger wanted to […]

A Wrecked Rental Reversal – Medina, OH

Adam purchased a foreclosed house near Medina in Chippewa Lake at auction – and soon realized that he’d bought himself a bunch of issues. There had been three feet of standing water in the basement for two years, and unfortunately, it was the very cold winters of 2013 and 2014. When the water froze, the […]

Unexpected Benefits – Millersburg, OH

As my twin sons started to grow out of childhood, my wife and I realized that they needed more space for themselves. The basement seemed like an obvious solution, but turning it into an up-to-code living space presented us with a few challenges. For starters, our basement had no fire-escape route other than the main […]