Waterproofing Redo – North Canton, OH

Submitted by Eco-Seal on Wed, 01/29/2020 - 2:45pm

Tom had a waterproofing company come out to waterproof his daughter’s house in North Canton but they did an awful job. There was a negative grade into a corner which allowed water to run right down into a spot where the waterproofing was exposed. The downspouts were casually propped up on a couple of rocks above ground. Tom had clearly been taken for a ride.

Tom called Eco-Seal and – unfortunately – our inspection revealed even more problems. There was an exterior sump that had a footer drain line entering it lower than the pump, ensuring that any water coming into the sump would first have to fill the footer drain pipe, defeating the purpose of having the pipe in the first place. The propped up downspouts were, additionally, not glued together.

After not receiving any satisfaction with the company that did the faulty work, Tom elected to have Eco-Seal redo the entire project.

We had a retaining wall built, allowing dirt to be raised high enough for a positive grade slope away from the house. All downspout drains were installed below ground and glued together correctly. We also installed a natural drain and eliminated the exterior sump, and then a swale was graded in at the back of the house, ensuring that surface water stays away from the foundation.

The result? Tom’s disaster was turned into a solid job and his daughter could live in her home with peace of mind.