Waterproofing Preserved Memories – Dover, OH

Submitted by Eco-Seal on Tue, 03/03/2020 - 3:05pm
Basement waterproofing
Insulated guaranteed new foundations

Sue and her husband used to travel to flea markets, exhibiting antiques and collectibles that they acquired over the course of their marriage. When he passed away 12 years ago, Sue quit exhibiting and stored the remaining goods in her basement.

Recently, with heavy rains, Sue realized that her foundation had been compromised when she found a couple of inches of standing water in the basement. Some items from her collection were damaged, and others had to be thrown out entirely.

Beyond the physical damage caused, the water caused Sue a lot of stress. She found herself listening to the weather forecast constantly, laying awake at night hoping no further water would arrive before she found a remedy.

Thankfully, she got a hold of our team at Eco-Seal and we were on the scene pretty quickly to salvage the situation. We dug around the exterior of the house and waterproofed the basement walls. Then, we installed new footer drains and new downspout drains to draw water away from the house. Finally we regraded the ground and reseeded the grass to put the finishing touches on Sue’s lot and get everything looking back to normal.

Now, Sue can rest easy, knowing that the items (and memories) from a life with her husband are safe and sound.