The Right Solution

Submitted by Eco-Seal on Mon, 11/11/2019 - 9:31am
Cracks in Basement

During a recent landscaping project, the workers drove their heavy equipment too close to my home. Because of the soft soil, a crack formed in my foundation and my basement wall bowed inwards.

After reaching out to several companies and receiving a few bids, I called Eco-Seal to remedy the situation. They were able to use power bracing, progressively returning my wall back to its original shape; this was an ideal solution, as I did not want to dig up my entire foundation.  Because the crack spanned into a finished office area, Eco-Seal’s knowledgeable employees also decided to use unobtrusive carbon fiber bracing to reinforce the wall. Finally, they dug only around the area of the crack and applied external waterproofing to ensure that my basement remained dry, despite the damage.

I really appreciated that Eco-Seal only sold us what we needed for our problem, instead of suggesting a more elaborate and expensive solution. That kind of honesty and trustworthiness is rare these days. After a job well done, I recommended Eco-Seal to my neighbor who also needed work done on his basement.