Neighborly Advice – Akron, OH

Submitted by Eco-Seal on Mon, 12/02/2019 - 9:10am
French drain
New construction waterproofing systems

The basement in Cindy’s Akron home was giving her problems. Moisture was getting inside and – since the basement area doubles as space where she does some of her sewing and needlepoint – her materials were getting damp and mildewy. She turned to a neighbor for help.

Fortunately, Cindy’s neighbor directed her to Eco-Seal, and our team was on the scene promptly. We ascertained the root of the problem and went to work. We dug up the exterior of Cindy’s home, laid some new drain lines, and regraded the surrounding area to correct water flow that had been running over onto Cindy’s yard from the house next door.

Cindy was very concerned about preserving the trees on her property and didn’t want to lose them, so our Eco-Seal team went the extra mile, doing some extensive shovel work in a few places instead of using the backhoe.

Thanks to our efforts, the basement is no longer getting wet and damp, and Cindy has a dry area in which to pursue the work she loves.