(Literally) Above and Beyond

Submitted by Eco-Seal on Mon, 10/14/2019 - 4:20pm
Cracks in Basement
Basement waterproofing
Guaranteed residential waterproofing

Last spring I bought a foreclosed property intending to remodel and resell it. Upon further inspection, the basement walls were bowed and water was entering the basement through the foundation. The problem had to be fixed so that I could sell the home confident that the new owners wouldn’t have any problems. Knowing that repair information would go in the home disclosure, I turned to Eco-Seal, the only company to provide a reliable and long-lasting solution. Their team of knowledgeable and experienced installers, as well as their 30-year transferrable warranty, assured me that the work would be done right and made to last.

Eco-Seal started the job by excavating around the house, but after the first day the weather turned and it started to rain. The forecast didn’t look good. Despite the challenging conditions, Eco-Seal was committed to completing the job on-schedule. They installed power braces to mend the bowed walls and used a full gravel backfill to reduce future soil pressure on the foundation.

To minimize damage to the yard, they brought in a telebelt to backfill around the basement without using heavy equipment. The entire neighborhood came out to watch Eco-Seal’s skilled team backfill over the roof of the house! It was incredible.

Despite their best efforts, the heavy rains meant that some yard damage was unavoidable, and I was worried that I would need to tend to this on my own. Instead, Eco-Seal offered to return at a later date to regrade the yard at no cost to me.

From start to finish, and even beyond, Eco-Seal exceeded my expectations in every way. I was able to present the home for sale with the confidence that the new owners would have a dry, worry-free basement for years to come.