A Landlord’s Worst Nightmare – Walnut Creek, OH

Submitted by Eco-Seal on Fri, 01/03/2020 - 2:25pm
Basement waterproofing
New construction waterproofing systems

William owned this rental property in Walnut Creek and gave it, as a gift, to his nephew, who returned it soon after. Why?

It was a landlord’s worst nightmare. With all the heavy rains last summer, the basement apartment flooded three times, and a very unhappy tenant moved out. William quickly called in Eco-Seal to help remedy the situation.

After some investigating of possible solutions, our team dug up the soil around the house and added several drainage systems to pull water away from the house before it ran down the hill and pooled at the bottom. While we had access, we also sealed the basement walls to make sure moisture stays out.

A year later with, with equally heavy rains, the basement apartment is staying dry and is being rented out once again. The very happy nephew has taken the house back and is generating some income from it, thanks to Eco-Seal.