Jenny’s Appraisal Problem – Cardington, OH

Submitted by Eco-Seal on Sun, 03/22/2020 - 11:45am

Jenny wanted to purchase a 22-year-old house from her parents in Cardington, OH. When she was having it appraised to arrive at a fair purchase price, the appraiser noticed that both the front and back walls of the house were bowed inward. This major structural problem led to Jenny being denied a mortgage loan from the bank until the issue was resolved.

Jenny was referred to Eco-Seal by one of our new construction partners, Fairview Log Homes. She had us prepare a quote to fix the walls, but when we heard that she was planning to create a bedroom for her son in the basement, we also suggested putting in an egress window down there, in case of emergency. Jenny was surprised to hear that we offered that as one of our services and was extremely glad that we cared enough to offer it for her son’s safety.

We completed both jobs, rendering the house eligible for a mortgage, and Jenny and her son are happy in their new home. While onsite, we also noticed some leakage from the overflow pipe around a pond on the property, so we shored it up as well, free of charge.

Delighted, Jenny sent us this text soon after: “Thanks so much for all the kindness and respect everyone gave to us. You guys are the BEST! What a wonderful crew! They worked hard as a team and got it done. Our egress window looks excellent and I really like it.”