A Good Deed Done Right – Millersburg, OH

Submitted by Eco-Seal on Thu, 04/02/2020 - 11:55am

Andy did the good turn of purchasing a house for his daughter, but soon found that there were some issues. At the back of the house, there was a large hill that was exerting pressure on the foundation and pushing it in about six inches, rendering the structure unstable.

In addition to a fix for this issue, Andy also wanted options to increase the outdoor living space. At the time of purchase, the home had a very narrow deck and a wooden retaining wall that – also from the soil pressure of the hill – was caving in.

Andy called in Eco-Seal and we went straight to work. First, came demolition: we tore down the deck and the retaining wall, and also ripped out the masonry block on a section of the foundation wall. Then, we excavated the area, repaired the foundation, installed a larger cement patio, and protected the entire set-up with a 60 foot long, 6 foot tall cement retaining wall.

As Andy’s daughter moved into the home, she could do so with a peace of mind, not only about her now-stable foundation, but also about the great backyard oasis she can use for relaxing and entertaining.