Cassel Bear’s New Digs – Canton, OH

Submitted by Eco-Seal on Tue, 02/18/2020 - 10:22am
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Cassel Bear, the creative agency that developed our website and handles much of our marketing, purchased a new office building located in Canton in March and began rehabbing it for an autumn move-in date.

The owner quickly realized that there was water in the three-foot crawlspace that ran under the building. What he was less certain about was where the water was coming from.

When the building had been moved in 1980, the crawlspace was put in without proper drainage and backfilled with dirt. This, coupled with the high water table in the area, meant that water wasn’t properly draining away from the building. Additionally, the footer drains at the bottom of the downspouts were not put in correctly, meaning that water sitting near the block wall may have been seeping in.

Our team at Eco-Seal helped save our client more than $10,000 by running some tests to ascertain the exact nature of the problem. We performed a test dig to below the crawlspace to see if water would fill in the space. It didn’t, which eliminated the high water table as the source of the issue

We turned our attention to the downspouts. The customer really didn’t want the unsightly solution of PVC piping running away from his building above ground at 8 points. So we opted to bury the drain lines and run them all the way to the storm sewers underground.

A bigger problem? How to do that without totally tearing up his driveway and parking lot and causing him to incur another large cost to repave the asphalt. Luckily, our Eco-Seal team members performed two horizontal bores under the driveway, leaving the surface damage-free.

The Cassel Bear team is now in their new (and dry) offices, and we’re so glad they can get back into the fantastic work they do for us – like writing these case studies.