New Construction

Before you build a new home with a basement, it is important to consider how the basement will be protected from water damage. Over 90% of basement moisture leaks come from above grade foundation wall leaks. Why?

Often the foundation waterproofing stops at the grade line. Frequently, water-retaining mulch or topsoil covers much of the untreated surface. Other causes for leaks include:

  • grades sloping toward the basement wall
  • insufficient drainage
  • downspout drains that have been incorrectly installed
  • foundation sealant that has been incorrectly applied
  • lack of sealant above the grade line

We have all been in basements that retain a damp and moldy smell. These basements will never be the dry, cozy living area for which they were intended. As you invest in a new construction project, don’t let this happen to you.

“THANK YOU for the great work and effort you and your crew put into our basement waterproofing job. I had some initial concerns about whether the project would get done at all this year, but once you were on the job, it literally went faster and smoother than I could have optimistically imagined. It’s rare enough to get contractors to show up and “just do the work” requested; you guys took it a step further by not only working with speed, but with skill and confidence that gave me a peace of mind that the execution will hold up over time. Thanks for answering all of my questions and concerns along the way.”

—Jeff from Cleveland, OH

One Year Later…

“I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks again for all of your hard work with our basement waterproofing job last fall. After a spring of torrential rains (great for seeding a new lawn, not so much for basements), we remained completely dry. If you ever need a reference or testimonial, feel welcome to have anyone give us a call!”


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