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Picture Perfect Waterproofing

Sometimes the solution to your problems is right under your nose. Jeremy, a photographer who captures images for our website and some of our other marketing materials, has slowly been getting an education about all that Eco-Seal has to offer: waterproofing, foundation repair, french drains, basement exits and windows, and more. As he was doing […]

Jenny’s Appraisal Problem

Jenny wanted to purchase a 22-year-old house from her parents. When she was having it appraised to arrive at a fair purchase price, the appraiser noticed that both the front and back walls of the house were bowed inward. This major structural problem led to Jenny being denied a mortgage loan from the bank until […]

An Interior Solution for Exterior Problems

“We want to thank you for the work you did for us in waterproofing our basement on January 23rd and 24th. Your crew was outstanding in their work; we appreciated the way they worked together and cleaned up when they finished. We will recommend your company to all of our friends.” This is what Connie […]

When Your Existing Water Control Methods Aren’t Enough

Heavy rains were bringing water into Lou’s basement, and he needed to do something about it. Eco-Seal investigated at his home and found that several prevention methods – already in place – weren’t doing the trick. The house had an interior drainage system from when it was built, but it was not handling all the […]

Waterproofing Preserved Memories

Sue and her husband used to travel to flea markets, exhibiting antiques and collectibles that they acquired over the course of their marriage. When he passed away 12 years ago, Sue quit exhibiting and stored the remaining goods in her basement. Recently, with heavy rains, Sue realized that her foundation had been compromised when she […]