Eco-Seal Blog

Cassel Bear’s New Digs

Cassel Bear, the creative agency that developed our website and handles much of our marketing, purchased a new office building in March and began rehabbing it for an autumn move-in date. The owner quickly realized that there was water in the three-foot crawlspace that ran under the building. What he was less certain about was […]

Exterior Superiority

Mike purchased a home to rehab, with the intention of flipping it and then putting it back on the market. The home had an interior waterproofing system and pump in place that were keeping the basement dry. Unfortunately, the walls of the basement were bowing and the foundation was being compromised due to the pressure […]

Waterproofing for a Good Cause

As its mission, Holmes County Community Housing provides subsidized safe and comfortable dwelling spaces for members of our community who might not otherwise be able to afford it. One of their residential homes has a basement walkout that was being used as a bedroom. However, it was being compromised by heavy water intrusion, leading to […]

Waterproofing Redo

Tom had a waterproofing company come out to waterproof his daughter’s house but they did an awful job. There was a negative grade into a corner which allowed water to run right down into a spot where the waterproofing was exposed. The downspouts were casually propped up on a couple of rocks above ground. Tom […]

A Space for Roger’s Father

Pardon the phrase, but when it rains, it pours. Roger’s troubles began when he hired a disreputable contractor to do an interior waterproofing job in his basement. The fellow he hired made a mess, and then disappeared and stopped returning phone calls. Shortly after, Roger’s father suddenly needed a place to live. Roger wanted to […]